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Su Contrato H-2A

Información sobre cambios a los contratos para trabajadores H-2A.

Noticiero H-2A

Como conseguir información sobre los cambios a las reglas del programa H-2A.

Representative H 2-A Contract Legal Services Cases

Legal Services Help We have worked with farm workers on many problems over the years.  Here is a list of the most common ways we have helped:

Osceola Sugar Case

OSCEOLA SUGAR CASE OVER Unfortunately, the case against Okeelanta Farms, Atlantic Sugar and Glade Sugar (Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative) were lost.  Those cases are over.  There is no money to be paid in these cases.

H-2A: Your Rights

Information from the 2016 Edition of H-2A News - Learn about your rights as an H-2A worker.

H-2A Contract: Wage Issues

Information from the 2016 Edition of H-2A News - Learn about your wages as an H-2A worker.

H-2A Contracts: Income Taxes and Social Security Numbers

En Español INCOME TAXES Whether you are required to pay any taxes will depend on how long you are in the U.S. on the contract and how much money you earn.

Legalization for Farmworkers: 2015 Update

Late in 2014, President Obama announced new immigration programs. When we updated this site, the new programs were being challenged in court. If there is more news by the time we see you, we will let you know.
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Tuition Benefits for the Families of Maine Veterans

Families of certain military veterans can attend a state-supported Maine college or vocational school tuition-free. This does not apply, however, to all veterans' families.
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Si Usted Tiene El Derecho A Trabajar, No Deje Que Se Lo Quiten

Ver el archivo adjunto para ver esta obra ilustrada sobre cómo presentar una queja si usted es un trabajador inmigrante que ha sido tratado injustamente.