About Us

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PTLA is a statewide, non-profit organization committed to providing high quality, free, civil legal assistance to low-income people in Maine. Our mission is to ensure that state and federal laws affecting poor people are enforced while also addressing the systemic barriers to justice that low-income Mainers face. We are committed to ensuring that all Mainers have access to justice.



We prioritize cases that help individuals and families meet basic human needs, including access to housing, food, income, safety, education, and well-being. We also have several innovative projects that focus on specific legal issues or specific populations to further this goal, including the Native American Unit, KIDS LEGAL, Fair Housing,Fair Employment, and a Foreclosure Prevention.

Our services range from simple advice and brief service to negotiations and full representation in the most serious cases. To supplement our limited staff capacity, we also provide user-friendly explanations of the law and self-help tools, provide outreach and community education, and work with entities that serve low income people, including social service providers, members of the private bar and the courts.

As the primary legal aid provider in Maine since 1967, PTLA has an excellent reputation for the quality of its legal advocacy. PTLA is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity and prides itself on its fiscal accountability. The organization consistently has clean audits and is one of six Maine nonprofits meeting the Better Business Bureau standards for charitable accountability.

Board of Directors
Pine Tree is governed by a local Board of Directors, composed of attorneys, client representatives of various organizations and at large members. Many of the Board members have served for 10+ years on the Board, and they take a very active role in setting policy for the program.

No one will be denied our services on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, age, religion, political affiliation or belief, or disability.