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Going to Court
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This is the Maine court form used to subpoena a witness. The rules of the court require a signature from a court clerk or a lawyer for this form to be valid.
This is not a form. It is an instruction sheet about serving papers in a Maine small claims case
This is not a form. It is an informational sheet for people who have been sued in Maine small claims court
Maine small claims form for requesting a disclosure hearing
Maine small claims form SC-006, the Affidavit and Request for Service
The Maine small claims court form for Notice of Service
The supporting affidavit to submit to the court along with CV-067 to request a fee waiver
The Maine form to apply to have your court fees waived
Court form SC-001 - Small Claims court Statement of Claim
When you are giving evidence in court, explain exactly what happened in the clearest way you can. You should only talk about what you know. This means what you saw, what you felt, what you heard, and what you did.