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Native spiritual gatherings in prison are essential to the survival of tribal communities. Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2009 edition by Paul Thibeault (opinion)
by Paul Thibeault, Esq. Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2009 edition
Table of Contents Tribal Government and Agencies Aroostook Band of Micmacs Houlton Band of Maliseets Penobscot Indian Nation Passamaquoddy Tribe - Pleasant Point
A school suspension means your child is temporarily removed from school programming.  It can be an out-of- school suspension (not allowed at the school building) or an in-school suspension (sent to a room at school).  An expulsion in Maine means that your child is not allowed to go to school or get any services, like tutoring, during the...
In the last edition of Wabanaki Legal News, we told you about wills and why you might want one. In this article, we talk about “Advance Directives.” They are important documents that control how you are cared for when you can no longer care for yourself.
Certain families can get extensions of TANF beyond 5 years for certain reasons such as disability in the household. Certain Native American families may never lose their TANF, even after 60 months. Under federal and state law, there is an exemption for people who get TANF who live on Indian Reservations where at least 50% of the adults are...
Students can be charged with a juvenile crime for something he or she did at school. Many schools have “school resource officers” (or SROs).  What a student says to an SRO, school staff and other students can be used against him or her in juvenile court.  It is important to know that students have rights when they are in...
According to Penobscot Tribal Elder Charles N. Shay, Maine is the first state in the country to recognize June 21st as Native American Veterans Day. There are currently 831 Native American Veterans living in Maine. In honor of Native American Veterans Day, here are some resources that we hope you find helpful.
Pine Tree Legal can help defendants who are not eligible for court appointed counsel. Such cases might include first offenses and minor offenses. Those cases can have serious consequences even though no jail time is involved.
Last year, MITSC began to consider how UNDRIP ( United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People ) might affect the Maine Indian Land Claim Settlements. After several months of work, the Commission presented a letter to James Anaya, UN Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.