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Videoconference Rentals

Videoconference Rentals

Pine Tree Legal Assistance’s offices in Portland, Augusta, Lewiston, Bangor, Machias and Presque Isle, Maine are all equipped with videoconferencing capabilities. When not in use by our staff, the videoconferencing facilities can be reserved for use by other nonprofit organizations or private firms. All offices have IP capability; our office in Presque Isle also can be connected to via ISDN.

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Cy Pres

Make Pine Tree Legal the Recipient of Cy Pres Funds

Pine Tree Legal Assistance is often an appropriate recipient of cy pres and other court settlement awards. 

Leave a Legacy

Join the Seward “Pat” Brewster Legacy Society

In late 1965, a young Augusta lawyer named Seward “Pat” Brewster became concerned about the lack of access to justice for all and sought to establish legal aid for the poor. Pat led the effort to create the nation’s first statewide legal services organization and on June 14, 1966, Pine Tree Legal Assistance was incorporated to do just what he envisioned – provide legal information and representation to low-income Mainers.


Thank you for supporting Pine Tree Legal Assistance

Giving to Pine Tree Legal Assistance is about believing that everyone deserves equal access to justice and, that if we can instill more fairness in our society, there will be less poverty.


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