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How do I know if my child’s sexualized behavior is normal or a sign of abuse? Some child sexualized behavior is normal. Other behavior may be a sign of abuse. Here are some resources that may help you know the difference: 
This is the second part of our guide to Child Protection proceedings in Maine. It covers what can happen when DHHS investigates a household because they believe that a child may be at risk of being harmed.
This guide is the first in a series about what happens when DHHS gets involved with families. This guide covers the very first steps in the Maine Child Protection process - our other guides cover later parts of this process. If you are in a situation where DHHS is becoming involved with your family, start here.
About DHHS and Child Abuse and Neglect DHHS Child Protective Services investigates reports of child abuse. There are 5 different things that DHHS can do:
...ما بإمكانك عمله عند إنعدام قدرة او رغبة دائرة الصحة والخدمات البشرية في ولاية مين
Usted puede presentar una petición de tres personas (también llamado una Petición a tres) en la Corte de Distrito. Bajo las leyes de Maine de protección infantil, tres o más personas pueden presentar una petición de protección del niño, pidiendo a la Corte que ordene DHHS o de un tercero, como un familiar para tomar la custodia y proveer servicios...
Vous pouvez déposer une pétition a trois personnes (également appelé pétition a trois parties ) en cour de district. En vertu de la loi du Maine sur la protection de l'enfance, trois personnes ou plus peuvent déposer une Pétition de Protection d’un Enfant, demandant à la Cour d'ordonner le DHHS ou un tiers en tant que parent, afin d’assurer la...
You can file a Three-Person Petition (also called a Three-Party Petition) in District Court. Under the Maine Child Protection laws, three or more people can file a Child Protection petition, asking the Court to order DHHS or a third party like a relative to take custody of and provide services to a youth...