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Divorce, Custody, & Family
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We offer this classroom to help you through the process of getting a divorce in Maine. We hope that this will help you feel more confident about dealing with the legal system. Is this classroom for you? You may use this classroom if:
This is Maine court form for ordering the payment of child support
This is not a court form, it is a notice from the court about mediation in certain family law cases
This is not a court form - it is an instruction sheet about what to do with court forms for getting a Maine court to register a divorce or parental rights and responsibilities order from another state
This is not a form - it is the Maine child support table, which is used for calculating child support obligations
This is not a form - it is an instruction sheet for what to do with the Maine court forms for a parental rights and responsibilities case
The Maine court form for determining the jurisdiction for certain family law and name change cases