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Divorce, Custody, & Family
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If you are starting a family law case (such as a divorce or setting parental rights and responsibilities), you must tell the other party that you are bringing a court action against them. You do this by "serving" the other party. This means that you give copies of your court papers to the other party. Court rules tell you how this must be done.
How can a family member or other responsible adult become the legal guardian of a child whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for them?
Note: This article is about guardian ad litems in the state of Maine. This role, and the process around a guardian ad litem may be different in other states.
Lists resources for people who are separating or going through divorce: where to get legal and financial help, and other support services.
This page explains how child support collection works in Maine. The law and the process differ from state to state. Maine has several tools to collect both current and overdue child support. These are explained below. If you get any notices about DHHS collecting support from you, read them carefully. If you disagree with them, you may request a...
This information is to help you if you need to change a Department of Health Human Services (DHHS) Child Support Order. If a Court ordered you to pay child support, this information will not help you.
Whenever you get TANF, you give the State of Maine a temporary claim to your child support. The State keeps some of the child support it collects, and sends some of it to you. This worksheet will help you figure out how much of each you should get.
This page explains how child support collection works in Maine. The law and the process are different in every state. If your case is not in Maine, don't use this information – find resources in your state.