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The controversy over regulating the Passamaquoddy fisheries is part of a larger problem that arises under the Maine Implementation Act. The question is whether the state of Maine has jurisdiction to limit subsistence practices in open waters.
Find out when and where you can access the walk-in legal services provided by PTLA's Native American Unit.
Update: Penobscot Nation v. Mills Wabanaki Legal News, Fall 2016 By Ethan Plaut, Esq.
New Rules Allow Tribal Members to Gather Plants on National Park Land Wabanaki Legal News, Fall 2016 By James Mitchell, Esq.  
A Criminal History Can Keep You from Crossing the Border But it May Be Possible to Enter Canada if you Apply for “Rehabilitation” Wabanaki Legal News, Fall 2016 By James Mitchell, Esq.  
Native spiritual gatherings in prison are essential to the survival of tribal communities. Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2009 editionby Paul Thibeault (opinion)
by Paul Thibeault, Esq. Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2009 edition
Table of Contents Tribal Government and Agencies Aroostook Band of MicmacsHoulton Band of MaliseetsPenobscot Indian NationPassamaquoddy Tribe - Pleasant Point
A school suspension means your child is temporarily removed from school programming.  It can be an out-of- school suspension (not allowed at the school building) or an in-school suspension (sent to a room at school).  An expulsion in Maine means that your child is not allowed to go to school or get any services, like tutoring, during the...