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Update: Penobscot Nation v. Mills Wabanaki Legal News, Fall 2016 By Ethan Plaut, Esq.
by Paul Thibeault, Esq. Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2009 edition
Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2012 What is a Truth and Reconciliation Commission? A TRC is a group of people chosen to investigate a problem and make suggestions about how to make the problem better.  This TRC is focusing on what happened to Wabanaki people involved with the Maine child welfare system.
Wabanaki Legal News, Spring 2011 What is the Indian Child Welfare Act?
Wabanaki Legal News, Summer 2011 In September 2007 the United Nations passed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). It covers 46 issues important to Native people, including: Self-determination, or the right of a people to decide their political status and government Culture and language Education and health Housing, land,...
Wabanaki Legal News, Winter 1998   By Mark A. Chavaree, Esq.
Wabanaki Legal News, Winter 2009 by Paul Thibeault
Wabanaki Legal News, Winter 2009 by Paul Thibeault
Wabanaki Legal News, Winter 2008 by Paul Thibeault, Esq. & Michael Guare, Esq.
Wabanaki Legal News, 2007 edition On February 19, 2007 the Passamaquoddy Appellate Court upheld the dismissal of an eviction action filed by the Housing Authority at Indian Township. The tenant was represented by the Native American Unit.