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Rental Housing
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Cadaaladda Guryaha: Xaqa Aad u Leedahay Guri Kireysasho ama Guri Iibsasho

Waa maxay macnaha "Cadaaladda Guryaha" (Fair Housing)? 
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Fair Housing (Russian)

В штате Мэн действует как закон штата, так и федеральный закон о «запрещении дискриминации при аренде и покупке жилья».
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Logement Equitable: Votre Droit à la Location ou à l'Achat d'une Maison

Que signifie "Logement Equitable"? Clic ici pour obtenir une version imprimeur-amicale de brochure de pdf.
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Sexual Harassment: Your Fair Housing Rights

Am I the victim of sexual harassment by my landlord or neighbor? You are not alone. Sexual harassment by landlords or neighbors can make it hard to live in your home. Under Maine and Federal law, sexual harassment is sex discrimination. Sex discrimination in housing is illegal.