Intern Testimonials

Considering an Internship or Externship? Pine Tree Legal Assistance might be right for you! Learn about other interns' experience with us.

Meaningful Legal Work

"The experience and opportunities to engage in meaningful legal work exceeded my expectations of a traditional 1L internship. I learned more from working at PTLA then any other form of education and developed a passion for non-profit/consumer advocacy." - Carissa

Work with Clients and Get Court Room Experience

"I found that my daily interaction with clients greatly contributed to my growth as a student attorney. Client interviews truly enabled me to put legal theory into practice. Moreover, my numerous courtroom experiences expanded my understanding of the broader litigation process. The supervision and constructive feedback I received from other attorneys was very useful and instructive. ". - Travis

Hands On Work

"I was very pleased by the independence and responsibility that we were given in these internships. We had our own clients, and we were able to represent them at administrative hearings if necessary. The internship was extraordinarily hands-on and eye-opening. It was an incredible introduction to the legal issues faced by low income Maine residents." - Jennifer

Active Participation in Case Work

"I have worked at three law firms, and this is the only one where I feel that the attorneys truly value and encourage my input. I never felt like my work was any less valued because of being an intern. Everybody is enthusiastic about what they do and very easy to get along with." - Sandy