A Website to Help Those Who Serve: Stateside Legal

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Stateside Legal is a website that Pine Tree Legal Assistance created that has helpful, current, and easy to read information on benefits and laws that affect service members, veterans, and the family members who support them. 

On the site, you can find resources about issues that Pine Tree staff has always helped Mainers with, such as housing issues and public benefits. Stateside Legal, though, specializes in self-help resources on military service related legal issues. For example, there are currently some useful and new resources about the following issues that can be found at www.statesidelegal.org:

Women Who Serve
Our new landing page is geared towards women who are currently serving, have served, or are the spouse supporting_ a current service member or veteran. Some resources categories listed on the page include VA healthcare, family issues, challenges associated with relocating and more. Check out the link: http://statesidelegal.org/women-who-serve

Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
There is an epidemic of sexual assault in the military that often results in post traumatic stress disorder (PTDS) for the victims. PTSD is a medical condition for which you can receive disability compensation. It can be difficult to receive benefits for injury or mental illness as a result of a sexual assault because of the difficulty in obtaining the medical and other records from the military to prove the case._ Maine’s own Ruth Moore, a Navy veteran, helped combat this through the Ruth Moore Act. This new law lets a person submit alternative forms of evidence (such as statements from family and friends) to show the effects of the assault. To learn more about MST, including finding treatment for related mental health conditions, go here: http://statesidelegal.org/military-sexual-trauma

Advocate Landing Page
In addition all the helpful information for people facing their own legal problems, Stateside Legal has resources for people looking to help others. More technical in nature, some of the materials on our Advocate Landing Page are geared towards attorneys but can be just as useful to savvy family or friends looking to support the veteran or service member in their lives. Legally, only those accredited by the VA can assist a veteran on a disability claim. For information on getting accredited and much more, go here: http://statesidelegal.org/advocate-info?qt-advocate_info=1#qt-advocate_info