Facing The Truth on Racial Profiling

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On June 26th, 2010, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) held a hearing in Portland called “Racial Profiling: Face the Truth” to gather testimony from members of Maine's minority communities about their experience with racial or religious profiling.

Racial profiling occurs when law enforcement agents target people for stops, searches or questioning based on a person's perceived race, ethnicity, nationality or religion, rather than because of any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Participants confirmed that racial profiling happens here in Maine.

"No one should feel targeted by law enforcement because of our race," said Newell Lewey of the Sipayik Criminal Justice Commission. "Native people, African Americans, immigrants and refugees alike have all experienced fear that we or someone we love has been stopped or detained because of our race.” Lewey stated that, “Native People are easily profiled because we can choose to have Wabanaki license plates, which makes us an easy target for law enforcement."

You can call Pine Tree Legal Assistance at 1-877-213-5630 for help if you think that you have been a victim of racial profiling.